Admitted today for surgery tomorrow

Leen was admitted to Sheba Medical Center for an eye surgery

Leen, a very cute five-year-old girl from Gaza, and her mother, already spent some days with us in our community home in Ashdod. Today she was admitted to Sheba for an eye surgery tomorrow. A few years ago, she had a first surgery done on her right eye, also at Sheba. Tomorrow, she will have a second surgery in her left eye. It was heartwarming to see how much fun she had during the admission process.

Leen is a very extroverted and communicative girl. She talked with me all the time in Arabic, even though I understood almost none of it. She also loved to play games with us while waiting. It was a really funny morning with her and her mother.

Let us pray that her surgery tomorrow morning will be successful and that the Lord would hold his hands over her.