Admitted unexpectedly to Hadassah Hospital

This afternoon, Mohammed started to have some high temperature and in the morning he was nauseas. During the drive and in the hospital too, he was laying down on his mom’s legs, he and his Mom didn’t want to stay at the hospital and constantly both said, “I’m good, I’m just weak, I want to go home.”

While in the ER, a blood test was ordered.

The results were quite fast because they knew about Mohammed’s high levels of troponin last week. An ECG, and other tests were also done.

After seeing inflammatory markers,  they knew Mohammed needed to be admitted. Medical staff called the doctors in charge of the Pediatric Intensive Care unit, who in turn ordered an echo and checked Mohammed’s condition. After the echo, the doctor explained to us that Mohammed has some fluid build-up in the heart and will be admitted in that unit, and they also needed to do more blood testing.

Mohammed’s Mom was worried about the weakness of her son. The doctors suggested to give him fluids and medication through the cannula. When we got to the PICU, the doctors were just amazing. They tried to support and welcomed Mohammed again; the same doctor who was helping our Iraqí child on floor four also had a shift in the PICU. She recognized Mohammed an, “We knew after a surgery like he had, that there could be a complication.”

Tomorrow he will have another echo, more tests and according to the results, he might or might not have an intervention. Our prayer is for wisdom for the medical staff and God’s love and peace for all of them as they work tirelessly to find the safest way forward for Mohammed.