After much careful review

After much careful review and planning, Fatima has been discharged from the hospital to stay in our Jaffa house for the coming weeks.

Her cardiologist was amazing and consulted with world experts in the field to decide the best way forward for her. Thankfully the medication she is on controls her spells and she hasn’t had one since starting the medication.

This medicine is rare and even in Israel, can be difficult to get, and is not at all in Gaza. The floor that discharged her was really accommodating in helping figure out this medication and offered at any point to help out in the coming weeks that Fatima is with us.

Please pray for the future of this beautifully creative and wonderfully intelligent young girl. She will need this medication for life, so we are setting up a plan for her to continue to get it when she comes for follow-up in Israel.

Please also pray that we, the volunteers, could extend generous love as we know it in and through Christ.