After surgery, placed on ECMO

Ghena could not continue to grow with her heart function still being poor, so today the doctors made a repair of two valves in her heart. By the end of the ten hour operation one valve was working well, the other not, and due to the large scale surgery, Ghena was put on the ECMO machine to support her heart and lungs by doing their work for them.

Since learning that Ghena would have surgery today, her grandma struggled with this news. “She smiles, she’s growing, she’s playing, why now does she need the surgery now?”

Since changing over guardianship with Ghena’s mum, her grandma has put in so much time and effort to help rehabilitate Ghena after her dire condition a few months ago. This rehab entails the infant withdrawing from sedation and learning how to eat to name just two aspects of the process of their bodies learning how to function properly.

This flourishing after a major operation, especially with a complicated recovery like Ghena’s, is only made possible by the intense self-giving nurturing of the parent or grandparent; this is absolutely vital. The self giving nurturing is what has helped Ghena come so far once her body was stable, and what made her surgery today devastating is that she has come so far, but she is still not in a good condition.

Please pray for this precious girl, may we see her smile again.