Against the odds

I haven’t met Thabet, but today I did have the pleasure of meeting his mum and dad. We can’t go into the Sheba Hospital ICU in light of restrictions due to COVID-19, but while I was sitting in a waiting area with a  Kurdish grandmother, Thabet’s mother and father recognized me before I did them. They walked up and asked if I was a part of an organisation run by Jonathan. “Yes!” I said. And as I said, I haven’t yet met their son, though I felt like I knew him from what Georgia, Anna, and Markus had said last week.

So there in the waiting area, outside the ICU, we spent many hours with Thabet’s mother, who is a really lovely woman. She is the sort of woman you want as your friend, although for having so much vitality she has also endured the loss of her oldest daughter a few years ago, and now as Thabet is not doing well, still with blood in his lungs, and on a ventilator, she is so worried. You could see it in her eyes, as she watched videos of him playing with his little brother or when we got the news that another child’s surgery went well and everything is good; it’s a tortured sort of look, like genuine happiness for another parent, but deep sadness that this is not the case for her own child.

I silently prayed for her, I asked God for what to say and how to encourage her, but nothing came save the reassurance to be with her, not to say anything but to simply be with her, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Please pray for Thabet, we believe God can heal, and still know that He does not always choose to, but Lord we ask for healing to come to Thabet, against all odds. Lord, wipe out the problem with his lungs. And for his mother, who still carries with her the loss of her daughter, speak through us and our actions to tell of such a God who also knows the loss of a child, and still the death of his only son means life for her children and for her.