Age-appropriate development

Salwa’s mother has been extremely worried at the prospect of seeing the Neurologist today. Despite feeling happy at home that Salwa seems to be making progress, she was worried that the Neurologist would find there is a problem with Salwa’s brain. She prayed over and over again for God to watch over Salwa, as she tensely waited for the appointment.

Thankfully, the doctor’s examination brought only good news that her prayers were answered. The doctor told us that Salwa is not showing any signs of neurological damage, and in fact she is generally age-appropriate in her development!¬†She can smile and make eye contact, and move her arms and legs nicely. She is very small for her age, and needs to spend lots of time on her tummy to build up her strength. Salwa’s mother left the doctor’s room a changed woman; happy and lighter, smiling and much chattier than she had been when we arrived.

We then visited the Cardiac department, and asked for the nurse there to remove Salwa’s surgery stitches. She called the surgeon who had operated on Salwa, who came and removed the stitches himself. Salwa did not enjoy this, but sweetly, she kept herself calm by chewing on one of the doctor’s hands.

Thank God for this good day for Salwa. Please pray that she continues to grow and gain strength.