Ahmad is admitted for a Catheterization

Ahmad and his mom have been staying in our Jerusalem Guest House for a couple of weeks, enjoying some Jerusalem strolls and sight-seeing. They returned to our Jaffa House one week ago and it was lovely to have them back with us. Ahmad is an extremely active boy, who enjoys walks to the beach and talking a lot in Kurdish so sadly, I don’t understand him, but I’m sure he has a lot to say. He’s never quiet, just a typical child. That’s what makes it hard sometimes to keep him calm during his ap-pointments, but somehow his lovely mother manages him, and did so again today when he had his Echo.


Another thing the mother of Ahmad manages well, is cooking. She made the delicious “Dolma” for us on the weekend, Co-worker Carina loved helping her with it. It was made with lots of love and we all thought it was extremely delicious.


Even though I don’t speak Kurdish, it was really nice to be able to spend a long time with Ahmad and his mother today as we waited for the admission process. Ahmad loved playing with the train in the childrens’ waiting area, whilst his mother got told what will happen to her beloved son.


Despite the long wait to get into their room, finally this too was accomplished. We were able to experience a lot of kindness and patience from the staff at the hospital, they even let him play with a stethoscope while we were waiting.


Please pray for Ahmad and his lovely mother as they are spending tonight in the secondary ICU. We’re asking for God’s blessing for Ahmad’s catheterization tomorrow, thank you for joining us in this prayer.