Ahmad is discharged to Jaffa

The day after his catheterization, Ahmad was up and about. When I arrived, his mother was by his bed diligently getting everything packed in anticipation of his discharge as he sat and intensely colored a picture of a turtle.

I had picked up a large prescription order of medication for another child shortly before that child’s discharge, and when I came into his room with the medicine boxes, Ahmad said in Kurdish, “Thank you! Is this all for me?” His mum laughed at that!

He has brought his signature humor and joy to the Jaffa house where the other families welcomed him and his mum back to Jaffa with their usual kindness and warmth, and they were certainly happy to be back especially with the great outcome of yesterday’s Catheterization.

Ahmad and his mother will return to Sheba Medical Center for a check-up next week to see how his heart is adjusting to the established work of the catheter. Thank you for praying for this wonderful boy!