Ahmed’s echo

Ahmed came to Shevet Achim last year and had a stent placed via a catheterisation procedure. He has grown really well in the past year and now it’s too small for him. He has a condition called “ventricular inversion” and needs surgery to increase his blood flow by diverting it from the atrium. His surgery will hopefully involve making a conduit from the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery, and closing the VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). This morning he had an echo ahead of his catheterisation tomorrow. This procedure will allow his doctors to evaluate the pulmonary artery and plan the surgery. They might also be able to dilate the stent to improve his blood flow while he waits for surgery.

Ahmed was in a great mood as we drove to the hospital this morning. He’s learnt how to make sheep noises from Alena, one of our volunteers, so he spent the journey happily bleeting at the top of his voice; the rest of us couldn’t stop laughing.

Once we’d arrived, the long wait for Ahmed’s echo began. He had so much energy, running all over the waiting area as I tried to keep up. At one point, a lady arrived with a noise machine and some bubbles. You should have seen Ahmed’s face when he saw them; his eyes were wide with curiosity and joy, especially when he realized he could “pop” them.

While we were playing, Jihad, the father of another Kurdish child named Israa, arrived. I was really touched to see that while his own daughter was in surgery, he wanted to spend time with Ahmed and his mother. It was obvious that little Ahmed absolutely adored “Uncle Jihad”, breaking out into the biggest smile when he saw him.

Finally, Ahmad was called in for his echo. Almost immediately he became really distressed and restless, refusing to sit still and crying uncontrollably. Eventually his mother asked for Jihad and he came running in. It was really beautiful to see the way Ahmad changed when Jihad came in. He didn’t leave his side the whole time, talking to him quietly and holding him still. I see God’s heart so clearly in this; he delights in using us in his plans, and today he used Jihad in his plan for Ahmad.

This afternoon after the echo, Ahmad was admitted. Please pray that the catheterisation goes well tomorrow and that God would continue to have his hand on every detail of Ahmad’s life. Give thanks for the beautiful way God orchestrated everything today.