Ahmed’s third trip to Israel

Ahmed arrived in Israel yesterday along with his mother and a group of other Kurdish families. We welcome them all.

Ahmed is a three year old boy from Iraqi Kurdistan. This is his third time in Israel. He traveled once with his father, and now he is traveling for the second time, with his mother. He received a PDA stent in 2018 and required a PDA stent dilation in 2019.

He has a very complex heart condition called L-TGA, where the lower section of his heart is flipped. His great arteries are also reversed, which is in his favor at this time as this allows for a physiological circulation. However, over time, this causes great strain on his heart.

It is a blessing to see how much he has grown up! With his gain in weight, we hope that he is now ready for a large and risky surgery procedure called the Double Switch Operation.

Please pray for Ahmed and his mother as they go through their two weeks of quarantine in Israel. We are thankful for his mother’s friendship, and we hope that this friendship can grow.