All good to go

Lya’s cardiologist was a little surprised to see her this morning. “I already told her she could go!” he said when he walked in.

But since she was hospitalized a few weeks ago, the doctor in the pediatric ward thought it best that she have one more check-up for her heart before going home.

We’re glad to hear that Lya’s echo looks good and her heart is doing great! One of her valves is still not quite normal, but her doctor is confident that this won’t cause problems for her.

Lya’s mom was thrilled to hear this, and Lya was happy enough just to play with the doctor’s badge and stethoscope. “Her heart is good but she should stay here, we all love her,” her doctor said.

We’re definitely a bit sad to see Lya go, but we’re so happy to send her home healthy! Please pray for her and her mother as they prepare to fly home later this week.