All in God’s hands

Ayan’s mother had a scare earlier at Sheba hospital today, which involved many medical staff rushing into the room, and she was asked to leave. It turned out that the intubation had become dislodged and he required to be reintubated. She breathed in relief to realise that it had not been a deterioration in Ayan’s condition causing the dramatic scene.

We heard that he has Pneumonia, and needs to recover from this before the surgery. The daily echo showed that his left ventricle is also not yet ready for the big switch surgery, so it looks to be a few more days before the second surgery for Ayan. His chest is open,  so it’s not recommended for visitors to enter the room.

His mum was happy to know that he is overall in a reasonable recovery, and that still the idea and hope is that he could have the next surgery in the coming days. She turned all of her attention then to another Kurdish mum in hospital concerned after her own child also. It’s beautiful to see the mothers supporting each other.

Please continue to pray for Ayan’s recovery.