All in the hands of God

Asmeen’s mother is drawing her strength from her belief that everything is in the hands of God. She is holding up fantastically in the hospital for so long, and we told her today that Asmeen is really blessed to have her as her mother, faithfully by her side and patiently waiting for her to improve.

The doctors have explained that due to the anatomy of her chest, and other factors, it is seeming very difficult to wean Asmeen from mechanical ventialtion, and there is no treatment to be done, except to give her time. As she must remain connected to the ventilator, it’s not possible to move her to a different area of this hospital, as they do not have the facility to accommodate this. However, there is discussion about whether Asmeen could be transferred to a specialist setting for children requiring long term mechanical ventialtion.

Please hope and pray with us for Asmeen, for the way to be open for her to be accomodated in the most suitable place, and for time to improve her condition. Thank God that it is all in His hands and His timing.