All is well

I’ve been looking forward to today since I saw in our calendar that little Rahaf would be coming for her first follow-up echo since surgery. It seems that her grandma was excited too, as she eagerly greeted all of us and couldn’t wait to see all her friends at Sheba Hospital.

Rahaf has gotten so big in the last month! She was still pretty tiny when we brought her back to the border after surgery a few weeks ago, but she’s gained more than a kilo since then and now has chubby cheeks and a double chin.

She kept us entertained with her wide range of facial expressions before and after her echo.

We’re so glad to hear that Rahaf’s echo looks good! There is good blood flow through her aortic arch, which was repaired in surgery. She has a small VSD but her cardiologist is confident that this will close on its own as she gets bigger.

After the echo, we shared lunch with some of the moms Rahaf’s grandma knows from her hospital stay, and then headed back to the border.

We’ll see Rahaf again in two months when she returns for her next echo.