All smiles for first echo

This morning, we brought Hussein to Sheba hospital for his first evaluation, including an echo, ECG, blood test, and x-ray. Thanks to a very kind echo technician taking some extra time to make him comfortable, and his mom holding his hand, Hussein was extra brave and the whole process went smoothly.

Hussein is no stranger to hospitals, as he had a surgery in Syria to place a shunt when he was a baby. After reviewing the images from today’s echo, his cardiologist referred him for a CT scan, which will help the doctors determine the best surgical option for him.

Even on his very first day at Sheba, Hussein has gotten right down to business making friends and charming everyone with his adorable grin and sweet personality.

“Look at him, he’s a model!” his cardiologist exclaimed at first glance. And at the end of his exams, Hussein thanked each of his nurses, doctors, and technicians with a very polite “Thank you very much!”

It was a long day for Hussein but he stayed in good spirits the whole time. He was a bit tired by the end, but it was nothing that some bubbles– a special gift from the nurse– couldn’t fix.