All Together on Razbar’s Surgery Day

Razbar had the first surgery of the day today, and it took around 4 hours. The doctor said that they surgery was very successful, and so it was clear to see from her father’s face just how relieved he was when he heard the news.

There were quite a few families at the hospital today, and so it was good for the father of Razbar to have the company of Sahand’s father and Julio to share conversation with whilst he was waiting for the surgery. Time always seems to pass so much more quickly in good company, and especially today, there were quite a few jokes exchanged between them.

Razbar’s father is a strong character, and has always been so focused on Razbar’s health. There was a sweet moment when Razbar was wheeled out of surgery on her bed, and her father saw her through the doors. We all stood up and followed as far as we could into the ICU, and there was a lovely feeling of solidarity, hope and joy as we watched as Razbar was taken to her room, followed by the hospital staff to stabilise her. The doctor was so friendly to Razbar’s father as he explained that the surgery had been a success.

Then we sat down again, all together.

The ‘togetherness’ was such a steadying feeling for me, and I hope and pray that the father of Razbar knows that we treasure them both as members of our family here in Israel.

Please continue to pray for Razbar’s healing and protection over her life, especially during these critical 24 hours after the surgery.