Almost discharged

Saif is on the last day of an antibiotic treatment for his pneumonia. Tomorrow, coworker Jakob and I will pick him and his mother up to bring them to Ashdod for the weekend. In the meantime, he is enjoying the time with his neighbor Lya in the hospital.

After the weekend, he will be admitted to the ICU for a bronchoscopy. The doctors want to see if they can remove his tracheostomy after two years of living with it.  Saif is two and a half years old. If the doctors decide to remove the tracheostomy, he will need to learn to breath through his mouth and nose. He also will start to learn how to talk.

It is still a long way ahead for this little boy. But his mother if very excited if it all works out. It would be so nice for her to hear her sons voice developing finally. Please pray for Saif.