Already Awake

Two days ago Niyan was called in for a catheterisation but had to undergo emergency surgery after some complications. She was sedated and intubated for two days but when we asked the doctors today for updates they told us that they want to wake up Niyan and extubate her. Those great news were a relief for everyone especially her dad who was so worried after the emergency surgery. The ICU staff reduced her sedation and Bria and I were able to be on Niyans side while she slowly woke up. It was a bit hard for her to understand why she has a big bandage on her chest and why they opened up her chest for all she knew was that they would do a simple cath. The more she woke up the more she interacted with us and even tried to speak a few words but it still was very exhausting for her. We enjoyed every minute we could spend in her room and her doctors were really happy how well she responded to everything. Her father was so joyful today after two days of worrying about his lovely daughter he could finally take a breath and relax a little bit. Pray for Niyan.