Already back ‘home’ at Sheba

Yesterday, Mariya started running a high fever, crying all the time, and seemed to be having pain while urinating. Her mom is very familiar with these symptoms by now, as Mariya has frequent UTIs at home in Kurdistan. After giving her some medication to help get her through the night, we went to the ER at Sheba Hospital early this morning. There, after some blood and urine tests and a round of IV antibiotics, the doctors decided to admit Mariya to the Pediatric Ward for antibiotic treatment and further evaluation. They suspect a UTI but are waiting on the rest of the test results to know for sure.

When Mariya was here for heart surgery a couple years ago, we often jokingly called Sheba Hospital “habib Mariya”– Mariya’s love– because she was always so happy there. As we took the elevator up to the ward today, her mom smiled and sighed and said in Arabic, “She loves the hospital, she just wanted to come back. She’s spent so much time here that it’s pretty much her home.”

Mariya is frequently hospitalized like this for UTIs, and we’re so thankful that she stayed healthy long enough to make the trip from Kurdistan a couple days ago. It also seems that she’ll be able to see the nephrologist and begin treatment a little sooner now that she is hospitalized. Please pray for her infection to be resolved quickly, and for wisdom for the doctors as they make a plan of treatment.