Already discharged !

Today it was already time for little Anas’s discharge from Sheba Hospital. Although he had his big Glenn surgery not even a week ago, he was ready to go back home. When I met him today his mother already packed everything together and just had to wait for the papers. In the waiting time they were having a call with Anas’s sisters. He was really looking forward to seeing them again in person!

After getting the discharge report, we made his next Echo follow-up appointment for one month from now and are already looking forward to the next time we will meet him. As soon as all the paperwork was done, we packed all the bags into the car and started our car drive to the Erez Border Crossing. It was hard to say goodbye but seeing Anas smiling and happy about going home, made it a bit easier. We are so amazed by the recovery Anas went through and we thank God.