Always hoping

Little Jude looks wide-eyed and aware, has little or no trouble breathing, has been out and about in a stroller to the waiting room on the PICU floor and everything looks like a good recovery. So he is, in fact, improving clinically. His mother took him to the waiting room in his stroller while we were there visiting today.

But underneath his outward appearance, he has a heart that is barely functioning according to the doctor who spoke with coworker Jonathan at Hadassah Hospital. The doctor said Jude is very vulnerable right now. If he were to contract a virus, it would not go well for him and could possible end his life.

Jude’s mother is ever attentive and faithfully looking after her son at every moment, always hoping, always waiting for better news but not really hearing any. Your prayers are highly coveted for this little soul, praying for either a miracle of healing or for a heart transplant to become available. Please continue to be praying with us for Jude.