Always in His Hands

It was a surprise to me when I checked to tell the radiographer the date of Bella’s surgery… It was on the 16th of January! Sweet Bella has had a really long wait here in Israel, but today it all became a reality as we saw the team at the hospital who carried out all the preliminary assessments to admit Bella for her catheterisation, which will be tomorrow.

Bella’s mum has been endlessly patient, even as she has told us how hard it is to wait. This last week, Bella’s older sister had her first Holy Communion, which is such an important event for this Catholic family. Its another thing which Bella’s mum has had to watch at a distance from videos and photos, in addition to Christmas and Easter. All of the stress of this has prompted many of us to take our place and intercede for Bella! It feels like it’s been a bit of a battle, but thank God, He has not forgotten Bella; she is firmly within his hand. So today, we saw the favour of God throughout our time; Bella was so calm and peaceful throughout her echo.

The doctor is able to speak Arabic, and she was able to have a lengthy conversation to explain what the procedure is going to be for Bella tomorrow. Bella’s mum is concerned that there might some neurological damage after the catheterisation, as she saw after the first surgery. Thank God that Bella has been completely healed from this, but the fear still remains in her mother.

Thankfully, there are two other lovely Kurdish parents in the hospital, who also helped Bella’s mum to feel settled as I left her after being admitted. So, tomorrow we will join Bella’s mum while she waits for the catheterisation. Hopefully the procedure will be a success, and they will be able to dilate her artery. Please pray for God’s continued favour over Bella in the hospital, and especially for her mum to have peace and to know that she can cast all of her cares onto Jesus the rock who cares for her and Bella.