Amazing woman and mother

This morning we got a call from the ICU at Sheba and they told us, that Akar had to be resuscitated in the night. So I went to the hospital today to talk to Akar’s lovely mother and the doctors to know why they had to resuscitate him and how he is doing now. The doctor said that there was a lot of fluid around his lungs and due to that his oxygen levels dropped low. It was respiratory failure. Thank God that they were able to resuscitate Akar. He is reintubated now and back on a lot of medical support again.

After the night, Akar was connected to a ventilator that is taking over a lot of work for the lungs, but today the doctors already saw that his lungs are working a bit, so they changed the Ventilator to one that is doing less work for the lungs. Akar is stable now. During the hours that I’ve spent today with his lovely mother, she cried a bit and prayed a lot. I’m really impressed by this amazing woman because I explained to her how Akar is doing and she understood and told me again. She is such a smart woman, which is really nice and rare. Most of the time that I’ve spent with the mother today we didn’t speak much together and there was a short moment where I thought “it’s not necessary for me to be here at the moment, cause we are not talking” but then I remembered that if it would be me or my sister in this situation I would want someone to be with me and in these moments, we are like their sisters and family. It helped me a lot and I hope these are the moments, where they see Jesus trough us and I’m sure that she will remember this.

The hospital staff wants to do an MRI scan for Akar in the coming days to see how this affected his heart, but they still want to wait a bit until he is stable enough. The mother understands that really well and knows that the hospital is taking the best medical care of her beloved son. She keeps praying and trusting in God and specifically asked me today, to pray and ask for prayer. Please continue to pray for the precious life of little Akar and his lovely mother.