An Afternoon in the ER

Happy little Ali is one of the children we have at home at the moment who is always looking so so blue. But today, his oxygen levels dropped even lower than usual over quite a long period of time, and so we agreed to bring him to the Emergency Room to have him assessed.

He was quickly triaged and waited no time at all to be brought into one of the treatment rooms and be put on oxygen with firstly an oxygen mask, and then a nasal cannula. He also needed a blood test, and a cannula. All things caused him to get extremely upset and distressed, sending his oxygen levels even lower, sometimes down to 35%. We watched his fighting little body as it went through the shades of blue until he looked quite grey which was difficult to watch. He screamed and writhed about in distress a lot, which is so the opposite of the joyful soul which we see at home.

Poor Ali was really terrified during these procedures and so afterwards for the next few hours, his mum worked hard to try and console him, but every time we thought he was just settling, he began to cry again.

I was so impressed by Ali’s mum; I knew that she must just know what to do in these horrible emergencies, and how to care for him. I know she must have done this before so many times in Kurdistan; she is a mother of 4, and of course Ali has had these very cyanotic episodes throughout most of his life. She knows what to do. He is a big boy as well, and it was hard and heavy work for her to hold him all the hours. She was so graceful and committed to his welfare.

The good news is that cardiologist who took care of Ali while he was in the ER was confident to send him home this evening. Ali was given some IV fluids, and as he calmed, and became more hydrated, his oxygen saturation improved somewhat. He didn’t have any other symptoms, and so the medical team were happy to send him home until he comes again hopefully next week for his catheterisation.

It was a real pleasure and honour to be able to spend these hours with Ali and his mum. I was so glad when Ali started to calm down (which was mainly when the x-ray machine was brought into his room; he really liked it and found it interesting!) and his happy little personality came back. And his mum is a beautiful person and it has been lovely to be with her as well.

Please keep praying for Ali’s health over the next week as he is hopefully brought into the hospital for a catheterisation.