An Amazing Day

Today, we had a good time with our Gaza families. Nine families arrived at Wolfson this morning. Three of them, we accompanied to the admission so they will receive catherizations the following days. One child, our five-month-old Ibrahim, we also took there.

He will have his big cardiac surgery soon. It was really nice to comfort him. During the walk to their room he cried a lot. When we arrived we tried to calm him with giving milk, taking off some layers of cloths and changing his diaper – nothing worked. But when Diana turned her music on and started to dance and sing it really calmed him. He stopped crying and smiled constantly. Such a sweet boy.

Another patient we guided to her room was our 16-year-old Rawa:

Tomorrow, she will receive her eighth catherization. She also  has had three open heart surgeries. But still she is not feeling well. Please pray for her as she undergoes another treatment. We pray this will totally heal her and help her return to full strength.

In comparison to the  calm of  Rawa, 8-year-old Mai was very anxious about  her catherization tomorrow:

Her father tried his best to calm her, but she also needs our prayers.

Also we really had a good time with the others families at the waiting area while they waited for their echos. At the beginning some kids were a bit shy but at the end we all played together. Even Yousef joined us and we played different games with balloons:

Also we played with blocks, coloring books and a German game called Mikado. We laughed a lot.

Aisha, we found as sweet as we know her trough all her time at Wolfson. We had a beautiful time with our her. Also her lovely mother is much better.

She smiled all the time. It filled our hearts with joy and tenderness. But, the best new was, that she was discharge from the hospital. So, we help her mother to carry all of her staff to the taxi that would take them home. During all the time her mom was very happy. Aisha herself will have a follow up in one month.

The day was really amazing. We enjoyed each moment that God gave us and also we can thank god for the good echos for every child. But please do not forget to also keep our admitted kids in your prayers. May God will strengthen them and restore their hearts.