An Answer to Prayer

Today I was very excited to pick up our little Roman at the airport. I know how long his family have been waiting for this moment. But, in the afternoon we got the news that on his long journey to Israel, Roman had to leave the airport because he wasn’t doing very well. His oxygen was very low and his heart rate was very fast. Thank the Lord, the Jordanian doctors was able to assist him.

I was very worried for him because we didn’t have much information on his condition. But I was very confident that God was with them. Later we got the news that he was able to fly to Israel.

We arrived to the airport so happy to pick up two beautiful families that took around one hour. Finally we could see them – one of them was Roman who is really beautiful. I took his vital signs and called the ICU and we went straight to the hospital. When we arrived there everything was ready for him. They performed different procedures, and later the cardiologist came and made a echo. He confirmed his diagnosis was correct. I was very thankful that Julio was with me, because he can speak Kurdish. And he was able to answer every question and explain everything to mom. Mom was very tired but she is really strong and sweet . Thank to the Lord we could eat something together as she was very hungry, and also our beautiful Roman.

Please pray for him, for wisdom for the medical team and the best decision and plan for him.