An aura of relief

As I approached Gabi’s father, there was a different aura surrounding him–one of relief. Gabi is still in a critical situation and there are various medical concerns, and his father continues to faithfully love and care for his son. However, it was a blessing to receive the news that yesterday Gabi was removed from his extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine, the machine that was supporting his heart and lungs for the last two weeks. This is wonderful news, and we praise God for this news.

After sharing this wonderful news, Gabi’s father invited me into Gabi’s room. My eyes focused on the beautifully carved, wooden cross pinned to the head of his bed. God is with Gabi, and has been protecting his life thus far. I often first notice the various machines, numbers, and the general state of the child…but today I noticed the cross and was reminded of the countless times I have seen Gabi’s father diligently praying for his son.

May we also continually, diligently pray for Gabi and his family.