An awesome result

Adleen, her mother and I left the Shevet house together this morning for the first time in a week, for Adleen’s first echo at Sheba Medical Center after being discharged from her surgery there. Adleen looked very beautiful in her dress and pretty headband with its attached flower. Her hair is starting to grow a little, and she is full of life, wriggling about smiling and chatting.

During the echo, Adleen had her chance to show off her lungs as she screamed very loudly. The cardiologist declared that her echo to be “awesome” and the surgery looked “awesome” and her heart looked “awesome.” At the good news, Adleen’s mum looked to heaven and exclaimed her thanks to God.

It was lovely also to know that the cardiologist hopes that this would be the only surgery that Adleen will need.┬áPraise God for this good surgery and for Adleen’s restored health. This week is going to be the Yazidi celebration of new year and new life, and as we have just celebrated the resurrection life of Jesus, may He be revealed as the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life to this special family.