An early morning CT scan

Mohammed and his grandmother were up early at the Shevet house in Jaffa for a CT scan at Sheba Medical this morning.

As soon as he realized he was going into the car, he became quite upset not just because of the car seat itself, but because he knew it meant he was going to the hospital. His grandmother is the only one who can console him when he gets overwhelmed and scared like this. For him, being only two and a half, I think it’s really hard to go through these two tests with sedation, being without his mother, and in a foreign place.

The CT scan he had today will be important in deciding his future care plan, what he will be needing and when that will be. So please pray that in the meantime, he can have peace staying in Jaffa until we know further information, and for rest and patience for his grandmother who is a really wonderful caregiver.