An exciting day

Arwa had a busy day today, beginning with a dental appointment first thing in the morning. This was definitely not her favorite part of the day, as she was very afraid of the doctor. She cheered up a little when she got a special pink toothbrush as a gift.

Arwa needs some extensive dental treatment before she can have her heart surgery. These appointments can take quite some time to schedule, so please pray that it will be coordinated soon.

After her appointment, we waited for a while in the children’s hospital with Omed’s mother while he was in surgery. There’s not much to do in a hospital waiting room, but Arwa kept herself busy and cheerful.

The most exciting part of the day for her was her birthday party in the evening! Arwa turned three on Friday, but because most of us were away for the weekend and she had just returned from the hospital, we waited until today for the party so we could have a proper celebration, complete with two cakes and a special party outfit for Arwa.

We’re so grateful for this beautiful, funny little girl, and we’re glad for the opportunity to celebrate this big day with her! Please continue in prayer for her as she waits for the next steps.