An expression of God’s love

“No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us”

We started our day with the beautiful words of 1 John 4:12. The idea that those around us will see God through our love is both an encouragement and a responsibility. I was very mindful of this as we waited at the hospital for the taxi from Gaza to arrive. What if…just what if these families could see God through our love?

Two little boys arrived first – Mohamed and Adam. At a year and two months old, Adam soon captured the attention of the waiting room with his beautiful, contagious grin. He was soon parading around the room with Johanna, feeling safe and confident holding her hand.

Mohamed was a little shy initially, but started to come out of his shell when someone started blowing bubbles.

He spent most of the day with Johanna, playing with jenga blocks, colouring, exploring the corridor and taking pictures on her phone. His mum even joked she should take him to Germany with her!

Eventually the rest of the families arrived and the room was soon very busy. There was a little group of three slightly older boys, who quickly became good friends.

We started off making paper aeroplanes, then when this started getting a little bit too lively we turned them into ships; one of the boys even made a lake for them! I was really amazed by their creativity!

Near the end of the afternoon, the room started to grow quiet again. Many of the appointments were finished and a calmness descended on the previously chaotic room. Adam was fast asleep which gave Johanna and I the perfect opportunity to spend some time talking to her. With a mixture of her English and our Arabic we talked about her family, her home and her life in Gaza. It really touched me that she wanted to know about our lives too – where we were from, our plans for the future, etc.

We are able to love because God first loved us. My prayer is that in the midst of aeroplanes and selfies, pitta bread and bubble blowing, colouring and waiting, God’s love was seen in us.