An Open Schedule

Today our beautiful Razbar had a busy morning in the hospital. Thanks to the Lord all her processes have been so fast. On our way to the hospital she was talking to us a lot; she is so sweet. She had two appointments, the first one was with a respiratory doctor. Praise the Lord our translator was with us and he was able to translate everything to Dad and to the doctors. The father showed the doctor a video of Razbar’s breathing. Since she was two months old, she has had noisy and difficult breathing (called stridor). The doctor checked her and she cried a lot, but after she enjoyed the toys that the doctor had in her desk, she stopped crying. The doctor thinks that she has this problem because her great vessels are pushing on her trachea. This makes her breathing noisy and she needs to exert more effort than normal when she is breathing. The doctor called Razbar’s cardiologist and both agreed to order a CT scan so that they can see how her great vessels are in relation to her trachea. After that the doctors can decide what is the best plan for her. The doctor was able to answer all the questions that dad had and she also took time to listen to the dad.

After that, we went to the next appointment, with the neurologist, who told us that praise the Lord she doesn’t seem to have neurological problems. After her surgery she is probably going to be better in the development and movement of her legs, because of her heart problem and bad breathing she doesn’t have enough blood in her legs.

I went to the secretary to ask about her CT scan appointment, and when she told me that she is probably going to have that this Wednesday, I was very happy. Some of our babies need to wait a long time for procedures like that, but thanks to the Lord the schedule for her was open, and she can have that soon.

On our way home she was so tired she fell asleep. Please pray for Dad, peace in this time and that he can really enjoy his time with us, and  pray also for our beautiful Razbar.