An underground ICU

Little Abed and his lovely mother got moved to an underground parking garage ICU this past weekend at Sheba hospital because of the potential for incoming destructive missiles hitting the hospital.The hospital must be equipped for such circumstances and are taking the greatest care for all their patients, including their families from Gaza.

Last Thursday, the medical staff at the hospital took little Abed to many tests. He had to do an X-ray, a CT scan and a bronchoscopy.

Today, his mother told me that he was not stable for some time yesterday, but thank God they could stabilize him again. She told me as well they will probably have to do two more surgeries for Abed, but they still have to talk about it since there is always a high risk included.  His mother also told me his heart is lying on one of his arteries, and that his artery is very narrow. So the first surgery would be to move his heart to another place, and the second one to widen his artery. But the Medical staff still have to decide what they are doing for little Abed.

Please pray for wisdom for the medical staff and also for their family back in Gaza. The mother showed me lovely pictures of two more sons her husband and her daughter. They look like a very nice family. All siblings are older than little Abed.