An unexpected trip to the ER

In Sheba Hospital this morning, Racheal’s oxygen levels dropped and was put on oxygen support. Also the doctor doesn’t have new information about Racheal’s infection, so they will wait to see how she does this weekend, and then analyze everything as it relates to her surgery.

We know it’s not easy for Racheal’s mother to see her daughter so sick and to experience how complicated this whole process has been. Today she was overwhelmed for all the things that little Racheal has been through, and when I hugged her, she start to cry so much, she actually fainted. We had to transfer her to the ER where a blood test was ordered for her as well as an oxygen level check. Doctors said blood test results are alright, but that Racheal’s mother just needs to rest and take care to eat well.

So, as you pray for Racheal, please also keep her mother in your prayers for strength and peace.