An unsuccessful surgery

When I went to the hospital today and visited Ghena and her loving mother in the Sheba hospital pediatric ICU, I found Ghena’s mother quite sad in her room. As I only speak a few words of Arabic and I would certainly not have understood her if she had explained to me why she was so sad, I asked one of the friendly doctors instead whether the surgery for Ghena had already taken place, and had not gone well.

He patiently told me that Ghena had gone into surgery this morning. Unfortunately, they could not finish it. There were complications during the surgery and little Ghena’s precious life was in danger.  She was “out” for seventeen minutes the doctor told me, and they had to resuscitate her. Praise the Lord that this worked, and that her life was spared. This surgery was very hard for Ghena’s little body, as well as for her mother looking from a psychological point of view, and the doctor said that Ghena must now recover from it. If she is recovering well, they may try again in a few days.

So for now, her surgery is postponed. I can hardly imagine what must have been going on in the mother’s mind at that moment, but I knew she needed at least a hug to make her feel understood. So I went into her little room, introduced myself and gave her a hug. She thanked me, but understandably was still very sad afterwards. The doctor told me that they are doing an ECG and a head ultrasound to make sure that she is doing okay. He also told me as well that she is awake a little bit, thank God.

Please pray for little Ghena’s precious life, that she will recover well and that the surgery will be successful soon, if it is God’s will. The mother also needs strength now. Thank you for your prayers.