An urgent, yet still happy, admission

Today was our beautiful smiling Shan’s first echo at Hadassah hospital. She was cheerful and well-behaved throughout the whole echo, which is definitely unusual for a child her age.

She was only a bit cranky a for the last couple minutes of the echo, when she had to lie on her side. After her echo, the nurses checked her oxygen saturation.

It’s normally been in the 70s, sometimes dipping as low as 65%, but today it was only 55%! They immediately decided to admit her.

After a long time of waiting, Shan’s mom became a bit worried about how she would live at the hospital; she hadn’t come to the echo prepared to stay longer than one day, so she needed some of her things that she’d left at the house.

Coworker Tatiana went home with another child, then picked up Shan’s things and returned to the hospital. While Tatiana was away, Shan’s room was finally ready.

She settled right in, happily waving her arms and legs while lying in her hospital bed.

She wasn’t quite as happy when the doctors placed her IV, but she calmed down afterwards, and was peacefully sleeping when Tatiana and I left the hospital.

Please pray that she will be able to have her needed surgery soon, and that God will grant her full healing.