And one step back

Full of euphoria, we reported yesterday that we are looking forward to Asmaa’s discharge. But today we had a disappointing call from the hospital. The follow-up echo showed that the mitral valve condition has worsened. Dr. Tirosh said it will be necessary to have a second surgery for repair or for replacement of her mitral valve, possibly even next week.

Because of the new strict guidelines of Sheba hospital, it was not possible to see Asmaa today. But we can imagine that she and her grandma are very saddened about this news. They were so happy to come back to their friends in Jaffa.

In addition, it was very surprising for all of us to hear about the mitral valve problem because Asmaa is in a very good mood and apparent condition. Sometimes we don’t understand the way of our Lord, but we want to trust Him as much as we can. With His help, this little princess can overcome her illness. Please pray also for strength to Asmaa’s grandmother; for her stomach problem to be resolved.