Another cath on Tuesday

When we went to Sheba Hospital today with Lalo, his father told me they recorded Lalo’s blood pressure every morning and evening  this past week so that the doctors could see how the new medication Lalo was taking was affecting his blood flow.

Doing the echo, Lalo was crying very much and felt uncomfortable with the procedure, so his father did everything he could to calm him down. After his doctor saw the echo results, she told us that the new medication isn’t helping as much as they hoped it would, and Lalo needs another catheterization on Tuesday. She wants to do the procedure as soon as possible because his condition won’t get better with time and she knows that Lalo as well as his father really want to go home to their family in Kurdistan.

The doctors also ordered an ECG today, during which Lalo still required a visual distraction which this faithful father was ready to supply.

We pray for strength for Lalo’s dad and for Lalo, for the remaining time they have to stay with us, and for the procedure on Tuesday and for Lalo’s recovery in general.