Another Catheterisation

Gabi had another cath today, and it was a familiar feeling, in the hospital with his father, the brother of Dleza and some of the Gaza grandmas, as just a couple of weeks ago, we were all together, gathering for the first of Gabi’s caths.

Today brought some more positive news for Gabi, firstly that the cath had been successful in the dilation of more blood vessels, which hopefully will improve his condition. The second piece of good news is that we found out that a particular medication which the doctor here wants to begin is available in Kurdistan and very reasonably priced there. The doctors here could only begin this medication if it’s possible to continue it in Kurdistan, and so it’s really good that Gabi’s family are able to access it back home. He was started on this medication by the time we left the hospital this afternoon. Praise God for His good works in Gabi’s life. Thank you for praying!!

Gabi is still feeling very sad, and he is going to need to stay in the hospital for some more time, as he recovers from the cath. The medical team will continue to monitor his improvement after the cath and see whether its possible that he could be having a surgery next. A surgery could carry a high risk for Gabi’s life. So, pleas keep on interceding for our precious Gabriel!!!