Another check-up

Little Huda had another check-up appointment at Sheba hospital today. As I thought back to her first appointment, I considered that she is a changed lady. At Huda’s first appointment, when she first arrived in Israel, I remember Huda screaming across the whole outpatient department every time her mother put her down on the bed. Perhaps Huda was remembering her life-saving catheterisation done in Kurdistan, apparently carried out without anaesthesia. However today, Huda happily endured the echo, with her mother at her side at all times to kiss and encourage her.

So it’s been a long road not only for Huda, but also for her mum. Despite not knowing any Arabic or English, her mother has faced everything in this unfamiliar land with strength, dignity and joy. We love having Huda and her beautiful mother with us so much.

There are quite a few factors involved with Huda’s care at the moment. The echo and other cardiac assessments today showed that Huda’s heart is in a good condition, however she needs to continue taking her two heart medications.

She also needed to have a blood test today, which the doctor will look at later in the week to decide if she can stop with another of her medications.

Huda also continues to receive two injections each day of an anti-coagulation medication. This will be reviewed with an ultrasound scan of her leg later in the week, and the results of this will also have an impact on her management. Therefore the doctor prefers to see Huda again in two weeks’ time, to track her progress before considering releasing her to return to Kurdistan.

Huda’s mother understood all of this, and despite an initial flinch at the idea of not being able to return to her family as soon as she had hoped, she declared that God is in control of everything, and was at peace.

Lastly, Huda’s mom wanted to visit another Kurdish mom who returned to the hospital last night. Their friendship is very beautiful and its clear to see how kind and caring Huda’s mother is.

Thank you for praying for Huda and remembering her and her lovely mum.