Another couple of weeks

Today Lalo had his first echo at Sheba Hospital after his discharge from the catheterization last week. While his dad hoped very much that everything will be fine and he can already go back home to his family, the doctors discovered that Lalo’s pulmonary arteries are still too narrow.

For now they started giving him a new medication which should lower the blood pressure and in two weeks he will have another echo to determine Lalo’s development and to decide about future treatment plans. The doctor told me that Lalo’s problems with the stenotic arteries will most likely stay for some years and if he would live in Israel, he would probably get a cath every six months. As this isn’t really a solution for Lalo, they are trying to make a different plan.

Lalo’s dad of course was very disappointed about this news and we are very sorry for him. Please keep praying for Lalo and his dad who is caring so wonderfully for his son!