Another couple weeks

Sohaib had another echo this morning at Sheba hospital, this time with his regular cardiologist. She was surprised to see how many medications he was taking, and much to his mother’s delight, she gave instructions for us to reduce a couple of his meds.

Sohaib is doing well considering the difficult journey he’s had so far. He still needs surgery to repair the holes in his heart, but his cardiologist has decided it’s better for him to wait a year or two at home in Kurdistan and come back for this surgery when he is a little bigger. His mother was a little disappointed at this, as she was hoping to have the surgery now, but the doctor assured her that it is better for Sohaib to wait. For now, he will come back to our house in Ashdod for another three weeks before his next echo, after which his doctor hopes to send him home to Kurdistan.

“It’s good to see him back to himself,” Sohaib’s┬ádoctor said with a smile. And she’s right– the laughing, joyful little boy who ran around the echo clinic all morning is a far cry from the quiet, mostly unresponsive toddler in the ICU a few weeks ago.

We’re looking forward to another few weeks with Sohaib in Ashdod, and hoping he can go home soon after.