Another Difficult Day

Sophie wrote yesterday telling the story of Lana’s difficult and very long surgery, and the strain on her mother’s emotions. She also wrote about the critical 24-48 hour period which comes after each surgery, where its the most risky time for the children to experience complications. Praise God that so often our children are blessed with a smooth recovery and no complications, but today came as a reminder that we should never forget to surround these precious ones with prayer during their recovery time.

Julio received a phone call in the morning and informed us that Lana had been taken back into surgery this morning due to bleeding after yesterday’s operation. We were already on our way to the hospital to see her, and so we were able to wait together for the latter hours of the surgery. It took all morning, and the hours seemed blurry as we sat side by side; Lana’s mum tearfully clutching at her phone listening to Islamic chants in between taking some phonecalls from Kurdistan and me interceding for this fragile mum and her daughter.

Lana was stabilised after surgery relatively quickly, and we were able to go into the room to be with her. The surgical information from the doctor was that the bleeding issue had been resolved and she was stable again. She still had a lot of attention throughout the rest of the afternoon from the medical team (xray, echo, etc) and also from the sweet Kurdish families also in the hospital who came to see how she was, and help with translation. It is good to see how they care for each other during this difficult time.

Please keep Lana in your prayers, and for her mum as well who is emotionally drained. Please pray that they would know the love of God at this time holding them firmly, and that they will see his healing in Lana’s body.