Another echo; not much progress

Handsome little Fayez was, as always, dressed very smartly for his blood test and echo this morning at Sheba hospital. It’s been a month since his last echo –his cardiologist wants to see him frequently to ensure that he is making progress– and while his blood test for digoxin levels was perfect, his echo doesn’t show much change from last time.

The next step for Fayez is for the cardiologists to discuss his case and consider the best treatment available for him at this time. He is not well enough for his third big surgery yet, so his doctor is thinking of performing a catheterization in the meantime. For now, she increased one of his medications to improve heart contractions, and sent him home to Gaza for the next month while she discusses his next steps with the other doctors.

Please pray for improvement for Fayez and wisdom for his doctors.