Another good echo

This morning, Mizgeen and his mother and I made the trip to Sheba hospital once again for another echo, ECG, and INR blood test. Just like last time, his tests look very good and the doctors don’t see anything concerning.

As always, Mizgeen made the best of his time in the waiting room, greeting all the hospital staff he has befriended during his time at Sheba. “I have a lot of friends here,” he told me in Kurdish with a shrug and a grin after running to hug a staff member. He was especially excited today to see his favorite cardiologist, who he described as “a very, very good friend.”

Mizgeen has a blood test on Sunday, and another echo and blood test in a week. If his tests are all good, he may be discharged to Kurdistan. Pray for good outcomes for all his tests in the upcoming week.