Another Hard Day

It all started with a call from the hospital this morning, telling us to send someone to Shakar’s mother because they had to tell her bad news and needed a translator. So Julio and I went. When we arrived, the doctor wasn’t there yet, which gave us the opportunity to spend some time with Shakar’s mom first. She welcomed us warmly and led me into the room to Shakar. I had just stood next to his bed for some seconds, when I saw her lurching away from it and move with her last strength to her bed, where she fell down and seemed almost unconscious. She wasn’t, but there was no strength in her body anymore. I sat next to her and held her hands, which were¬†cold as ice. I was freezing even just by holding them. I could see all the despair in her, the pain and the helplessness. It was terrible.

Even though she was really really weak and at first unable to speak, she answered every single phone call, keeping everyone updated; they came at minute intervals.

Finally, the doctor was ready to talk to Julio who then translated everything. Shakar had a pulmonary hypertension crisis around morning time, which was just one other thing adding up to all the other problems in his health, that bring him into this very unstable condition. Thankfully, the fever has left him. Still, he is so unwell that there can not be any treatment performed, not a surgery nor a catheterization nor anything else.

Please pray today as much for Shakar as for mom, both need our prayers greatly!