Another hole

I found Amin sleeping peacefully on the bed of his mother as I went to visit them at Sheba hospital today. His mother was very happy to see me and greeted me with a big smile.

At the same time however, she said “Min terres,” which means “I am afraid.” I asked her immediately why she was so. She said doctors communicated today that they discovered her beloved son has yet another hole in his heart. I encouraged her not to be afraid, but to continue trusting God. All is in his capable hands. This reminder encouraged her a bit.

Amin and his mother are quite a long time in the hospital now, and it seems that the end is nowhere in sight. Your prayers for them are much appreciated. Pray for continued patience for Amin’s mother.

Doctors will meet together tomorrow to discuss the treatment of the newfound hole in Amin’s heart. Please also pray for doctors’ ongoing wisdom. They are doing great work – all the time – for all their patients.