Another hurdle for little Leen

Today was a very busy day for Leen and her mom. It was the first time that Leen went to a dentist and she was scared. She had just experienced a covid test a few minutes before which is always really unpleasant. The dentist said that she should have a bigger treatment to get rid of the pain with her teeth which she has almost every day.

After that, we went to the EEG to check that everything was in order for her eye surgery tomorrow, but were unpleasantly notified instead that doctors have found ‘intense epileptic activity’ in her brain. This wasn‘t easy for her mom to absorb because she thought that the eye surgery would be the last big hurdle for Leen, and now there is another.

Medicine for this condition will be administered for Leen so we can pray that this will help. Right now, they are waiting for the eye surgery to proceed as planned tomorrow.

Will you pray with us for the doctors and their medical staff, that they will have wisdom on how to proceed? They are unsure at this point if they are to do both eyes or just one tomorrow.