Another long day of waiting

Rovar had another blood test today. The nurse was skillful to take his blood quickly, which minimised the time that Rovar was upset for. Still he does find the experience quite traumatic. It is sad to see him so scared, although his mum cares for him with strength and beauty.

Thank God that Rovar also had the company of his new friend Jakob, one of the Danish group who are working with us this week. Together with Lisa, they visited the soft play area in the hospital, which kept Rovar entertained during the many hours of waiting for the blood test result. We enjoyed our time alltogether today.

The doctor was kind, and explained that thankfully, Rovar’s haemoglobin levels were such that he didn’t require a blood transfusion today, however, it’s likely that he will need one when he returns on Sunday for another blood test and consultation.