Another Surgery

I was surprised to learn from the mother of Reem today, that Hassan was no longer in the cardiac area of the hospital, because he has been vomiting so much that he required a surgery on his intestines. Lindsay commented how this little one has known so many surgeries to be the norm, for his life. I thought about this as I walked up to the top floor of the hospital, to find him, and I felt so grateful to God for sustaining his life each time. It was a joy to see him and his sweet auntie, who has given many weeks of her life to accompany him here in the hospital.

Hassan seemed to be in a bit of pain, as his auntie lifted his duvet cover to show me the long, stapled incision sites on his abdomen, and his back. He moaned a little as he waved his hand towards us, his cannula tube dangling in front of his eyes.

Praise God that there is a hope and a future for Hassan. Please continue to pray that God will bless and sustain this life, and that Hassan would see healing as he perhaps begins to take some milk orally in the next few days.